Value Issues

Some of the issues studied to estimate the value of the taking from many different properties are listed as follows: Access Impairment; Damage Mitigation; Development Standards; Economic Life; Expense Ratio; Expressway Frontage; Feasibility of Cure; Frontage Road; Functional and External Obsolescence; Gas Pipeline Easement; General Benefits; Grade Change; Grass Parking; Interim Use; Land Use; Landfill Frontage; Landlocked; Limited Access; Loss of Anchor Tenant, Drainage, Exposure, Landscape Buffer, Pump Island, Setback, Trade Sign, View and/or Visibility; Reservation Map; Market Adjustment; Market Conditions; Noise; Occupancy; Overall Depreciation; Overall Rate; Overpass Frontage; Parking Loss; Power Line Frontage; Probability of Rezoning; Residential Buffer; Retention Pond Frontage; Secondary Location; Severance Damage; Special Benefits; Uneconomic Remainder; and Vacancy Rate.